ESEM 2019 - Call for Papers

Emerging Results

These papers should promote current work in progress on research and practice. Papers on emerging results should communicate initial research results for which there is not yet a complete evaluation. Complete work should be submitted as a Technical Paper. Emerging results papers should clearly state the longer-term objectives and planned work as well as expected results. The primary purpose of such papers is the communication of new ideas to obtain early feedback from the empirical software engineering community.

Vision Papers

The emphasis of these will be on long-term challenges and opportunities in empirical software engineering research that are outside of current mainstream topics of the field. Unlike the other submissions, vision papers should not consider incremental improvements or evaluations of current practices but propose ingenious ways to extend the applicability of techniques in empirical software engineering and/or challenge the existing explicit or implicit assumptions in this field. The goal of vision papers is to describe how empirical software engineering research and practice will look at least ten years from now.